The story

“We have been asked countless times why we have this name. (‘Éjfény’ literally translates to ‘Light of night’, more liberally ‘Nightshine’ or ‘Darkglow’) The answer is quite simple, really: this name perfectly expresses the double-sidedness that we all share. We’ve always wanted to create this instinctive, from-the-guts kind of music which caresses the listener in one minute and tears his head off in the next. It’s something which is delicate, sweet and tender, yet furious, desperate and aggressive at the same time. Nobody’s been able to brand us with a specific style so far, but this isn’t our goal either. This is who we are, this is what we love. Have fun with it.”


The band was formed in October 2000 after an ad hoc jamming in high school. Filled with ambition, the forst songs came to life from the first line-up: Gábor István Szabó on drums, Géza Mód and Csaba Molnár on guitars, Árpád Takács on guitar and vocals.

Almost every member moved to Veszprém soon, which created a difficult situation. Géza finally decided to quit, so the band carried on as a trio.

Half a year later Géza returned as he also moved to town.

The band was missing a bass player, so Csaba decided to take the role of the bassist but this line-up did not last long: Csaba made up his mind to leave the band.

The next bassist came from the local music scene: Iván Illésfalvi (Lust, Ötödik Évszak) joined in, and we recorded our firs album with his help in Veszprém, 2002.

In the beginning of 2004, Iván quit and was replaced by Máté Horváth (previously of Immensum) and int he later course of the year we part ways with drummer Gábor Szabó in rather frantic circumstances.

There came a year-long hiatus after this, but then in January 2005 bassist József Ódor (Aeben) and drummer Róbert Schütz (Perfect Strangers) joined the pack. In the same year, Géza decided to hang up his axe, nevertheless, the band recorded the second album during the summer, titled ‘Szent’ (Saint).

2006 saw the band becoming regular performers at Veszprém Music Days, playing at many talent shows and joining the stage with bands like 3XS, Alhana, or Wackor. New guitarist Áron Szõcs also joined the line-up, so the band became a four-piece once again.

With him, we were able to record your third LP, titled ‘Alkonyzóna’ (also in English) although the recording could only take place at home.

In 2007 we hit the stage on Rockmaraton, EFOTT and Rockkonnektor festivals, playing alongside headliners like Wendigo, Fish, Tesstimony, Stereochrist, Astrodust, Agregator, Ideas, Scaffold and many others

In the summer of 2008, ‘Darkzone’ came out, which consisted of new versions of six tracks taken from Alkonyzóna, this time in English. This material finally launched us into the media as well. We participated as invited guests at Tél hangjai (Voices of Winter) and Rocktóber festivals.

Despite the success, drummer Róbert Schütz decided to carry on with his own band, so once again we found ourselves missing a key member until Spetember 2008 when Ádám Horváth filled in the role of drummer so we could go on shredding.

With our song ‘Machine Man’ we came in at an honouring fourth place with a Special Award at Rockspace talent contest – not too bad from nearly 360 runners-up!

In 2009, after a frenetic round of semi-finals, the pack managed to win the membership offered by Powerground Management at the Éter Festival in Salgótarján.

 Unfortunately we can’t work with Adam and he’s replaced with Zoltan Szendrei. A new era begins! It’s weird but thanks to Adam we had fine and long discussion to change our minds. Had a lot of plans so go on!

Practically we had luck when got to the Battle of Bands where we won the second place! A lot of great experience, new relationships and fantastic atmosphere were at this race where we got invitation to the Zorall’s Beerolympics and more gigs with the Cool Head Clan.

It seems our karma doesn’t like drummers! Zoli is replaced with a young racer Daniel Szabó! We start the new album’s works with him. The song Szólíts meg! is out on a compilation of the Rockinform.

Spring of 2011, after a great tour with Don Gatto and Cadaveres Áron and Jósti decide to leave. We pass our ways in friendship. On live shows our freinds help us.

Our present line-up:

Daniel Szabó – drums
Árpád Takács – guitar, vocals

There’s no stopping, ‘motschar’ all the way!!!

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